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A true examination of a gin. Nowhere to hide, the balance, and texture of No.3 are evident. No.3 simply is the perfect gin for a Dry Martini.

No.3 and Tonic

Unlock the taste of the classic G&T with No.3 Gin. The fresh savoury rosemary and pink grapefruit on the nose are the perfect lead into a refreshing burst of citrus and gentle spice.


The perfect balance of bittersweet, strength and spice.

St. James Martinez

A twist on a classic. The fresh juniper and citrus of No.3 balance elegantly with the complex flavours of ginger and raisin fruit.


A contemporary take on the Bramble, using fresh blackberries and grapefruit juice to draw citrus notes from No.3 to the fore.

Lavender Gin Fizz

An update on this clean, refreshing Summer’s day essential, with a hint of lavender. Ultimate refreshment.

Cloud 3

Silky smooth texture with a perfect combination of citrus flavour, subtle biscuit tones and ripe orchard fruit.

The Breeze

An exercise in elegance. Dressed with black salt and pink peppercorns, this is in no way style over substance.

Summer Sour

Fresh and light. A heady mix of tropical fruit and enlivening spice.

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