No.3 Gin Key

The Art of the Distiller

It is often thought that the production of gin is fairly simple. But in truth, a high level of skill and years of experience are absolutely essential to distil a gin of the highest quality.

That is why the Master Distiller at De Kuyper, working closely with Dr. Clutton, presides over every batch of No.3 London Dry Gin. 

Our chosen botanicals are carefully weighed and placed in a clean, copper pot still. Pure grain alcohol is diluted with demineralised water and added to the botanicals.

This is stirred gently, and then left to steep overnight. Steeping helps provide full extraction of the essential oils from the botanical ingredients as the distillation into the gin continues.

Once our botanicals have steeped overnight, the Master Distiller is ready to distil.


3 steps of distillation

Once our botanicals have steeped overnight, the master distiller is ready to distil.

Stage 1

Our pot still is heated, turning the liquid to vapour before condensing back to liquid form. The first liquid to come off the still, the foreshots, are separated as they lack the intensity of flavour required for No.3.


Stage 2

The second stage sees the botanicals release all the flavours we want, each at different moments. It is the Master Distiller’s job to decide at what point he will start to collect the ‘heart’ of the gin, known as the middle cut. This judgement is made through years of experience and technical know-how.


Stage 3

Once the distiller has collected the middle cut, the quality of the liquid is checked, to pass our exacting standards.



After a resting period and further filtration, the gin is diluted to a strength of 46% abv, before finally being bottled under the Master Distiller’s supervision.