David Clutton

No.3 Gin Key

The Value of Expertise

To create a gin that is fundamentally true to the traditional taste of London Dry Gin, we asked one of the world’s leading authorities in the art and science of gin distillation, Dr. David Clutton, to help us develop our unique recipe, along with a panel of gin specialists, writers and leading bartenders.

Expertly Formulated

Dr. David Clutton is the only person in the world with a PhD in gin. He worked for over a year painstakingly refining and perfecting the final recipe for No.3. The perfect balance of juniper, gentle spice and citrus, required only six botanicals.


Expertly Finished

The final product recreates the classic experience of a London Dry Gin due to three simple things done well: the careful sourcing of the ingredients, the painstaking processes of production and the exquisite presentation in its unique bottle.

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