Botanicals & Tasting Notes

No.3 Gin Key


Unburdened by the inessentials that have become widespread in modern distilling, No.3 stays true to the roots of London Dry Gin.

Our botanicals define our flavour; juniper, refreshing citrus and gentle spice, all in perfect balance. To ensure we create quality and consistency, we are mindful to source only the finest of fruits and spices.

3 Fruits

Juniper berries give our gin its unmistakable taste.
Sweet orange peel adds freshness.
Grapefruit peel produces an extra zingy lift.

Juniper Juniper
Orange Peel Orange Peel
Grapefruit Peel Grapefruit Peel

3 Spices

Angelica root helps to make the gin dry.
Coriander seeds release lemon and a peppery finish.
Cardamom pods add a spicy, aromatic, warm bite.

Angelica Root Angelica Root
Coriander Seeds Coriander Seeds
Cardamom Cardamom


Bright, crisp and fresh with an uplifting welcome of juniper.


Juniper to the fore, supported by floral notes and spicy, warm cardamom. Plenty of citrus ‘zing’ complemented by the gingery spiciness of coriander.


The earthy dryness of angelica kicks in.


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