Unlock Taste

Of all spirits, Gin can perhaps lay the ultimate claim to be the spirit to mix with. The production method itself is effectively about creating a cocktail of flavours.

Why No.3?

What sets No.3 apart from most gins is that it is distilled to a proprietary recipe including six botanicals of 3 fruits and 3 spices. These can all be discovered upon tasting neat but the real beauty in this is that these flavours provide the ideal canvas to make delicious Gin serves either by accentuating or balancing particular botanicals with other ingredients.

As the best Gin in the World we also have a responsibility to accommodate the irrepressible thirst for innovation that bartenders have.

Unlock taste is an innovative platform to explore flavours and create interesting drink serves. In a similar concept to food and wine pairing, the 6 botanicals in No.3 gin are correlated with the 4 main ways the palate perceives flavour - dry/bitter, floral/fresh, citric/sour, savoury/umami.

How Does it Work?

When designing drinks, bartenders can accentuate or balance the taste of particular botanicals and create a palate profile for the drink by combining them with other ingredients that work particularly well as partners. In essence, what unlock taste aims to do is not just create great drinks, but give an insight as to why flavours work together in great cocktails.

The Training

The principles of this approach have been carefully adapted in to a training platform so the format is relevant and interesting for any drink-maker from novice consumer or bartender to expert mixologist through a 3 tier programme:

  • Classic and Simple – G&T, Martini, Negroni
  • Tasteful and Elegant – Martinez, Bramble, Collins
  • Innovative and Unlocked - Cloud 3

No.3 Gin